Monday, December 3, 2012

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper New Mombasa Police Department

I arrived at New Mombasa Police Department not fully knowing what to expect

Upon hearing the alarm that the Covenant had arrived en masse, I quickly readied myself and made my way toward the docking bay

I decided to make my stand with a high powered sniper rifle and quickly began to pick them off as wave after unrelenting wave came storming aboard the station

When you run out of ammo you must go to the pistol and pistol often... The M6D...
 A fanatic throws himself toward me as I continue to fire into his gut
 These beasts are strong and firing countless rounds into him only slows him down
Finally, a well placed head shot took this zealot down for good... messy, but no time to celebrate as more are on the way...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life aboard the Pillar Of Autumn

So I'm aboard the Space-Cruiser "Pillar of Autumn" headed for that funky space ring in the sky known as Installation 4

I was feeling a little hungry after being in cryo for so long, stopped by the mess hall and found this vending machine.  Wonder what the Chef's Surprise could be?

Hey!   Found a bulletin board! Check this out, my favorite band is playing later... Fist Of The Unicorn

Yeah, that's no cat!  Looks like one of those things that crawls along my fence at night causing my dogs to bark

Oh yeah, this is why I'm aboard

No more time to wander aimlessly through the corridors of the PoA.  According to tactical it looks as though we have been surrounded

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Summary Update & Musings...

The latest summary for your viewing pleasure. Since the last update I've acquired a Specialization! Okay, so I only had two that I could choose from so I opted for the Wetwork specialization. Apparently the term "wetwork" refers to some kind of bloody mess left behind after a stealthy assassination kill. Nothing out of the ordinary has taken place out on the missions. Well, I got to jump through a worm-hole which sent me hurling across the galaxy only to come crashing down out of the sky into the middle of an intense fire fight. I seem to be placing in the top two with more frequency but no matter if I make 50 kills with 1 death or 1 kill with 50 deaths I seem to be given the same amount of XP... so...

Now for some random musings:  Does anyone know why Dr. Catherine Halsey, the mother of Cortana and the key brain behind the Spartan Mjolnir program was escorted into the room in handcuffs?  Was it due to her questionable ethics?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reach revisted

Visited Reach just for kicks... Kicked a little Alien Butt, rode around in a vehicle... Had a blast.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Level 40

Reached level 40 today!  Just ten more to go and I can select a Specialization.  The last few missions were a little rough as I was joined with less than honorable teammates.  One mission a couple of the members sat and did absolutely nothing the entire time which forced me and another Spartan to handle the entire load.  We did a good job but it caused the mission to last twice as long as it normally would.  The final mission that put me over 40 had a member who thought it a good idea to sit in a gun turret and pick off his teammates.  Despite these hinderances I got through it all in good form and am now headed down the homestretch toward 50...
All I have to say about those people who don't participate within the spirit of the game is:  Not very Mjolnir of them...  :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nice to have...

This is a massive book!  It's over 404 pages, I say "over" because it has 404 official Halo 4 pages that pertain to the game structure, strategy etc.  And additional pages advertising Halo gear and misc. etc.  Excellent!

The inside cover of this hardbound book is very professional looking with the UNSC logo... Did I mention this book smells real nice?  It does!

The Dry-Erase map cards.  I don't forsee myself actually using these, but they're still cool to have.